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June 2, 2011
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In response to the recent endless notes and comments about how my vision of Sonic having an actual semi-dramatic story is wrong and betraying the character's simplistic, colorful, goofy and fluffy true nature...

I present you with an image from Archie comics, one appropriately with Sonic telling you to hush up XD

Sonic had a simpler story in the early days, almost indistinguishable from other platformers at the time (bad guy has captured cute animals, save them) which was serviceable but had no ambition for depth. Ben Hurst and friends decided to put some effort into an animated show and turned the workprint narrative into a more involved story. Listen to Ben's interviews and you'll hear exactly what I claim. Sonic as an animated show was meant to be first and foremost a dark science fiction story, ideally considered like an ongoing movie. The limitations of the budget and studio constraints didn't quite allow the wiggle room to bring that vision to light, but that's where the comics stepped in. Originally the comics too were fluffy and colorful, but they evolved into a story of rebellion and betrayal and heroism. Even the UK picked up this darker story and Fleetway made their own parallel series with even more mature themes. Sonic X too had themes of sacrifice and loss.
The only aspect of Sonic not to evolve has been the games as Sonic Team seems convinced stories in Sonic (because they suck at writing them) are pointless.

Then there are the fans.

What do you want? Are you complaining because Sonic has to be exactly as he's been in the past? Fleetway wrote an entirely different series with similar characters but a different approach. Even Sonic X is different, so what type of Sonic should we be slavishly attached to? Sonic is, or should be, always evolving.
When he doesn't he becomes the laughingstock he is today.
Do you mean the game Sonic? What makes him so great? His modern stories are so lame, his older stories were simple, and for the most part his creators were ignoring them. They tend to change from game to game as well.
Do you just hate it when anyone but the original Japanese creators do anything Sonic? Why? They happily sold of their property to Americans then the British.

So what's your major malfunction?

If we'd all said 'Don't touch Batman! He was always meant to be a goofy neon super hero with bad puns!'
Then we'd never have gotten Batman Begins or my favorite movie The Dark Knight.
If we'd screamed 'No! Don't make television science fiction serials into a more serious adventure movie! They have to be cheap and silly!'
Then we would never have had Star Wars.
If we'd shouted and whined 'Don't touch Tolkien! Leave Lord of the Rings be! There can only be one story about orcs and humans!'
We'd never have Warcraft.
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Sonicgirl1552000 Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2014
I don't mind serious Sonic storylines. The problem is that the Archie comics overdo it. It seems that there is drama in every single panel. It gets annoying very fast. Sonic X did the seriousness right. It wasn't TOO serious or TOO goofy. It had its serious moments as well as its lighthearted moments. That's why its my favourite Sonic show. Don't take this the wrong way. You're allowed to like the Archie comics, but I think that they overdo the drama.
TayzeJacksonBell Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2014
Characters and franchises evolve, change and... ultimately... grow up, at least they should.  And the idea that if it's for kids  it can't be deep or dark is just SOOOOOOOOO stupid! Watch Avatar, or Batman the animated series! Or whatever! Some people...

Now that I think about it... I wrote a darker Sonic story focusing on Metal Sonic actually... I have it on Deviant Art... it's not the best but I tried
shanedaman2014 Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014   Filmographer
What ever happn to him running around stomping on robots to save forest animals. That was the good old days
EpsilonEagle Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2014
I don't mind Sonic occasionally trying to be dark and serious, many shows and games do this like Zelda, One Piece, Megaman, ect. and it often works. The problem when you take Sonic and try to make it dark and serious is that Sonic is not a dark and serious series in and of itself. It just doesn't work with some franchises: Mario, Kirby, Doraemon, you can't make these shows dark without making them seem very stupid and, ironically, more cartoonish than their original source material. If you're trying to understand why Genesis era Sonic fans hate a lot of the dark, serious Sonic stuff, especially Archie, than you have to understand that when we see stuff like Archie Sonic and SatAM we can't help but make unfavorable comparisons to stuff like the Loonatics. A lot of classic Sonic fans like myself don't mind seeing occasional dark moments in Sonic, I for one like them and sometimes have such moments in my own work. We don't mind seeing Sonic occasionally lose despite his best efforts and to see him face impossible odds, but when writers like Archie decide to take Sonic and try to make it some Alan Moore-esque "Redwall vs. Robo-Hitler" story where he spends the majority of the time fighting with his friends, be emotionally scarred or get betrayed by someone, I for one can't help but shake my head. I don't want to seem confrontational, this is just how I see it.
WolfmanHanan Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2014  Student
Get a life you self righteous hypocrite. His games are awesome, and screw what you said about sonic! Your wrong you asshole!
EmperorsGuard Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2014
You sir need to get a life. Sonic is for kids. 
TayzeJacksonBell Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2014
And we can't have depth in a kids series? Go watch Avatar...
SonadowStories Featured By Owner May 26, 2014
I would prefer a more darker story for Sonic. Why? Because I really like dark stories with adult themes! Personally, I find colourful and silly stories to give little to none character development, while darker themes gives us things we can relate to, even if it's still a story about a blue speedy hedgehog! Darker themes makes and the way characters handle these themes, makes them much more interesting than characters who have little to no story. It doesn't mean that because it's a bunch of anthromorphic animals with colours that the Carebears would be jealous about that they can't have a more mature story. I think that it would also appeal much more to older teens and adults. Just look at the Zelda series! Their more realistic and darker games sold way better than the more colourful ones.
FlameWhirlwind176 Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah, things have to change in order to stay relevant. Nothing stays the same forever, not even video games.

Plus i hate it when people are like "only the Japanese should do sonic".. soo just cause sega is a Japanese company, and his creators were Japanese, only japan can do sonic? Last time i checked Sega/Sonic team did the dark age of sonic, aswell as the fact each game was different and no seance continuity, and that the japanese just DON'T CARE about sonic as an audience?

The western regions have allways liked sonic better then japan ever will, that's why most spin offs are MADE in america.

When ever theirs something for japan, they don't know what to do with it to make it work. Because sonic from the beginning was inspired by american media, even long before he was a game character and just an idea.

i say the games hould just stay here in the west and be allowed to use more of the ideas western sonic fans can like, It'd help it thrive much more. Because simply making something "simple" doesnt mean you can't add depth in some shape or form.
SCP049Fan Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2014
So freaking true.
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