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Celestia is The Evil Twin (or the Trollestia theory)

Hypothesis: Out of the twin pony deities, Princess Celestia and Nightmare Moon, Celestia is the evil twin.


-Did Celestia Plan Twilight Sparkle's First Adventure to Further Humiliate Her Sister?

According to the pilot episode of Friendship is Magic 'Mare in the Moon' the widely accepted belief is that two sisters controlled the sun and moon, Celestia and Nightmare Moon respectively. One thousand years previous to the episode, Celestia sealed Nightmare away in the moon itself for the crime of trying to create eternal night.
For some reason this prison would be unlocked in the longest day of the thousandth year.
This indicates right of the bat a number of disturbing things.
First off, the creation of practically the only villain the series has seen to this point is directly due to Celestia herself. Nightmare's spite is derived from her jealousy of her sister, and later on her bitterness can be understood since she's been locked away on the moon for a thousand years.
Secondly, Nightmare Moon for all her magic is not comparable to the might of Celestia, who is apparently capable of sealing her away in the first place. This makes it curious that, when Nightmare frees herself from her prison on the moon, Celestia cannot easily put her back.
This second point is further worrisome given how Nightmare Moon is disposed of when she returns.
Twilight Sparkle, pupil to Celestia (apparently the only one) first reports the legend of Nightmare Moon to everyone and is ignored as being crazy. Celestia could have of course easily substantiated the myth by admitting its true from personal experience, or even sending a letter verifying the myth to everyone. But she never does so. Celestia, apparently over a thousand years old, is living proof of the legend, but no one takes this into account and again Celestia never brings it up despite several opportunities.
So it is that Twilight is stuck worrying about the impending apocalypse, and is even further distracted from her efforts to save her world by Celestia demanding she go out and make friends.  While Twilight endures the torments of social awkwardness she has to research on her own limited time the counteractive to Nightmare Moon's curse, and discovers very fortunately (too fortunately?) a book that just happens to mention the Elements of Harmony.
Which simultaneously just happen to be six in number, corresponding with the number of friend's Twilight has made thus far.
A fair question to ask: was Twilight's quest for friendship (and later her perilous journey alongside her friends to recover the elements) all Celestia's plot?
The princess is missing when Nightmare Moon arrives, and the reason for this is unexplored and unexplained. It falls to the untried and youthful team of six friends to do all the heavy lifting to defeat Nightmare Moon at last, and when they do Celestia appears from nowhere to congratulate them.
Almost as if all of their actions had been preplanned.
In the ensuing battle over the Elements of Harmony, Nightmare Moon's power is broken and she reverts to a childlike form (despite her being the same age as her much more mature appearing sister) and Celestia demands Nightmare repent. She does so, weeping into her sister's mane. This may be due to her magical assault by the elements, but could also have to do with her ultimate defeat at the hands of a bunch of preteens.
In conjunction with the mysteries as to why Nightmare Moon was allowed to be freed at all or was imprisoned in the first place, these humiliations suggest that Celestia really likes putting people down and showing off her power. Her rival sister she first imprisons, and then allows to be freed only so a carefully orchestrated series of events and a ragtag band of amateurs can systematically destroy every sense of power she might have had, reducing her metaphorically (and physically) into a weeping child, which Celestia is later seen parading around like a pet.
Also take into consideration Celestia was perfectly willing to allow her subjects to suffer under eternal night and basically obligated a small group of kids with issues to wander deep into a forbidden and dangerous zone to face off against an evil diety…just so she could flaunt her superiority.
This is not the only instance of Celestia's reckless endangerment of the lives of others or her power plays.

-Was Nightmare Moon Truly a Savior?

Although she only shows up in two episodes thusfar, Nightmare Moon herself gives credence to the idea that Celestia, not she, is the evil half of the twin sisters.
The exact reason behind Nightmare's exile is glossed over almost entirely, even in the official legend on the subject. Apparently she grew jealous and tried to darken the skies, but 'jealousy' being a crime could sound suspiciously like Celestia playing herself up as having no fault but that others envy her, if she (presumably the only other witness) recounted the legend to later pony scholars.
How the sun and moon operate in the show is a hazy subject. Apparently without Nightmare Moon to govern it the moon and the night still come and go at regular intervals, so it could be possible Nightmare was given a complete superfluous job by her sister and wasn't so much jealous as she was irritated by being sidelined into a fairly useless post.
What Nightmare could have done that earned her being locked in the moon for a thousand years is a deeply troubling enigma. It can't have been simply that she wanted to create eternal night because she tries the same later on and only gets blasted into a child rather then banished again. Celestia doesn't apologize for banishing Nightmare later on so it's wasn't a mistake either.
Possibly Nightmare discovered a secret about her sister, her true motives, and was banished for her audacity?
The legend is not believed widely or even known by many, but it could have centuries earlier been Celestia's official take on why she banished Nightmare to the moon. Now as the only surviving account its impossible to separate truth from the invented history Celestia spoon fed the population of the valley until they accepted it so fully they consigned it to ancient mythology.
Nightmare Moon when she appears does seem to embody an evil demagogue. She laughs manically, is covered in dark tendrils, and commands lightning and darkness. She even monologues about how much contempt she has for everyone.
But consider.
Beyond the theatrics, Nightmare's attitude is fully justifiable. She has been locked in a prison for a thousand years and returns to find the valley under the mindless control of her sister, fully accepted Celestia's version of the truth. She would be disposed to scorn of these willing toys for her sister's amusement who stare in awe at a legend they'd convinced themselves not to believe.
As to her outright declaration she will create 'Eternal Night' this might very well be sarcasm on her part. The expectation is that Nightmare Moon will do just that, and she may have felt inclined to live into her villainous persona, to teach her sister's subjects the meaning of true fear in the face of divine power.
Celestia might work through manipulation and underhanded conspiracies, but Nightmare Moon is open with her magical aura, and for the most part honest about whom she is.
Consider also that 'Eternal Night' doesn't actually have a great affect on the valley as a whole. No one is hurt except the guards who attack her, and they are only knocked unconscious. What Nigthmare stands to gain from eternal night goes unexplained; again hinting at the suggestion that creating it is not Nightmare's first and only intention.
But what might that intention be?
Possibly to wake up the world to the tyranny of Celestia. Her persona as a godlike villain might actually be her way of representing Celestia's true nature.
Now lets look at the trails she puts in the path of the six ponies.
Her first test is a straight up collapsing cliff. This indicates direct deadly intent, but it does seem aimed at Twilight who is on the tip of the precipice when Nightmare makes it give way. Perhaps she believed that Twilight was the least likely of all of them to listen to her, and the most firmly devoted to Celestia. She feels no compunction about taking a fervent follower out of the picture quickly.
Later on she creates a series of scary trees. They don't attack serve more as a barrier then anything else. The intention is less to kill then to scare off.
On, the six encounter a raging manticore that later turns out to be spurred by Nightmare herself, transmogrified into the form of a thorn in its paw. This again seems less then deadly and more a scare tactic.
For Rainbow Dash's temptation, Nightmare attempts boldfaced recruitment. By forming herself into the image of an elite flyer squad, Nightmare attempts to convince Rainbow Dash not to continue the quest but instead do what she wants to do. Rainbow declares her loyalty to her friends and refuses, but was this illusion really meant to turn Rainbow dash against her friends, or to caution her against continuing a quest she didn't truly understand and instead think for herself?
In the last confrontation Nightmare says fairly implicitly that Twilight and her friends don't understand what they're up against or what they're doing. Twilight takes this as a threat, but this could have been a warning as well, to avoid jumping to conclusions in the heat of battle.   
Maybe she should have listened, given all she and her fellows endure afterwards at Celestia's tender mercy.
So at the last we see Nightmare Moon was imprisoned for undefined reasons, returned by equally indistinct events, and although she put on a show as a monster, logic suggests it was just that…a show.
Unfortunately, as she may always do, Celestia used guile to degrade, disgrace, and subjugate her.
Who knows if Eternal Night wouldn't have truly been the only real day the ponies had ever seen, when the lies of the princess were lifted and their free wills were returned?

-Is Celestia Methodically Breaking the Spirits of all Her Subjects?

The single consistent theme Celestia lives by seems to be destroying everything those around her hold dear and whatever dignity they believe they possess.
Take the six main characters.

Twilight Sparkle:
She considers herself well read, rational, a favorite of Celestia's and likes having things neat and ordered.
In response to this Celestia orders her to make friends in a new town, specifically in the vicinity of a group of well-meaning but neurotic ponies with deep psychological issues, issues that literally drive her to drink. These friends are also guaranteed to throw a monkey wrench into her careful plans, destroy her property, and make demands on her time. As for her coveted rationality, superstition runs rampant throughout the valley and every pony seems to have a mob mentality in moments of crisis, ignoring her increasingly frustrated attempts to explain things scientifically. She is also a magic user, forced to find a place in a town which is proven time and again to look down on or ignore magic. As for being Celestia's favorite (and still only) student, Celestia never addresses her directly unless she's cornered, never visits, corresponds via letters despite living in a castle a few miles outside of town, and in the final episodes of the first season stands directly beside Twilight while she talks with other people or overlooks her entirely.
All the better to put Sparkle in her place.

Rainbow Dash:
She considers herself athletic, has a dream of being in the Wonderbolts, and prefers action to inaction.
Celestia keeps maneuvering Rainbow Dash into situations where physical effort is either a detriment or unneeded.
When Celestia sends the six to wake up a dragon and send it away (a task she mysteriously does not see to herself) Fluttershy proves to be catatonic when frightened, so Rainbow has to carry her and fly very slowly, much to her annoyance.
The most damning scene of Celestia destroying Rainbow's spirit is when she is given an honorable mention award for rescuing Rarity during a flying match. Rainbow is seen flying off with members of the Wonderbolts…but in later episodes still longs to be part of the same corps. Apparently the award was just for show: another indication that all rewards only issue from Celestia herself and her subjects are powerless without her approval.
No one is allowed to achieve their dreams no matter how much effort they exert.
At the Grand Galloping Gala (Celestia's most insidious scheme to date) Rainbow is allowed to approach from a distance the Wonderbolts ,even while wearing her honorary headband, but Celestia doesn't lift a hoof to introduce her and leaves her to pass a lonely evening in quiet desperation.  

Is a gentle soul, shy, animal lover and so paralyzed by fear she faints with her eyes open.
Like clockwork, Celestia insures that this humble naturalist is put into situations involving great danger. Dangerous animals are her favorite torture as Fluttershy is then required to go along on expeditions to calm them despite her terror because of her empathy with the fauna world. Most cruel is surely Celestia allowing Fluttershy to care for her dying pet phoenix, not informing Fluttershy why it appears sick in the first place, and saying nothing on the subject...up until the bird actually bursts into flames, causing Fluttershy's heart to break.
The true erosion of Fluttershy was seen at the Grand Galloping Gala, where she was allowed into an extensive garden she's always wanted to visit but for no apparent reason the animals flee her in terror.
This provokes the serene Pegasus into a psychotic rage at being ignored until she is a raving, mud smeared, wreck.
One wonders, not without cause, whether the animals had been told in advance to ignore Fluttershy, to create the conditions for her breakdown.

Is industrious, elegant, romantically inclined towards Celestia's nephew.
Again, Celestia delights in setting up events that require Rarity to work herself to exhaustion, such as multiple consecutive fashion shows and ballroom parties. As Rarity is apparently the only seamstress in town this seems deliberately cruel. Many fashion icons also are invited to the valley, but each seems to be snobbish and scornful Rarity's work offhand, plummeting her fragile self-esteem. Overworked and underappreciated, her generosity in the face of coordinated unfairness is a true testament to her character.
At the last Rarity, when she meets Celestia's nephew she's had a long standing crush on, discovers he's a complete fop without the basic decency of common courtesy. Why Celestia invited him to the Gala and why she doesn't discourage his behavior are more indications he's a carrot specifically chosen to be dangled before Rarity, before being pulled out of her grip at the last moment for a laugh.
The true sign of Celestia's dark side is when Rarity, imbued with butterfly wings, competes at the Pegasus flying championships, but the spell wears out and she spirals to her doom. The Wonderbolts wing after her without hesitation, but Celestia remains in her seat despite possessing powerful wings. Even her ever-present winged guards stay where they sit.
Does she simply not care, or was she enjoying the spectacle?
You can almost imagine her guards preparing to leap to the rescue, and a long white leg holding them back.

Pinkie Pie:
Enjoys parties, prefers a casual atmosphere to a ceremonial one.
Pinkie is her own worst enemy with her addiction to parties apparently causing mental paralysis when they are denied her, to the extent of hallucinations, multiple personality disorder, and facial twitches. Because of this perhaps Celestia hasn't focused her wrath on this pony, except for one specific event that seemed tailored to her degradation.
Twilight is given two tickets only to the Grand Galloping Gala and seemingly has to chose two of her five friends to attend. The others have reasons to go, but Pinkie's reasoning is based on the fact that first and foremost it's a party, the best one ever. While the remaining four basically want to take advantage of the attendees, Pinkie is overjoyed at the prospect of her major defining characteristic and only goal in life made manifest. To deny her that would seem particularly cruel.
In the end Celestia's excuse for sending two tickets is 'You could have asked at any time' which is the punch line to her sordid joke on all six of them.
In the final episode of the first season Pinkie Pie does get to finally attend the party. She finds it to be a boring social gathering with classical music.
Where she got it into her head it would be a raucous celebration is left to the imagination, but it's not impossible that a certain princess planted the idea in her mind.

A hard worker devoted to her apple business, level headed, doesn't like red tape.
Celestia always turns a blind eye when Applejack is either being praised for her celebrated deeds in the valley or working herself to near death. In the former case, the ponies are often praising Applejack for rescuing them from disasters like stampedes, so much so that they actually form a committee and hold a ceremony to present her with an award. In the past for events like the Pegasus flying championship, Celestia arrives to give it her blessing. But when a local hero is honored she doesn't put in an appearance or provide anything to suggest she even pays it any mind. Conversely when Applejack periodically lets her stubbornness get the better of her and becomes crazy with work, Celestia is nowhere to be seen even given that the apple orchard seems to main source of food for the valley and stunted production would be readily knowable by a responsible leader.
At the gala again Applejack is allowed to advertise her wares, but the guests are too prudish to accept country products. Where all these aristocrats came from is a mystery because they don't live in the valley. Coupled with the fact that only a select group of ponies are invited to the Gala at all, its suggested that Celestia holds her court and parties mostly for a rich and high born audience from another kingdom, and she invites the local in just to mess with both classes at once.

Other Indignities

-Celestia has wings and a magical horn, yet she's carried everywhere on a chariot drawn by four guards.

-Her Pegasus guards are always frowning and do not speak or move when addressed. This suggests some kind of disturbing training program instilling absolute obedience and basically depersonalizing her minions until they become literal living weapons. The other ponies express fear when told her guards will even stop by to look for someone, so it can be construed they are rough, destructive, and maybe even violent.

-Celestia has been absent for every major disaster or enemy that has struck the valley. When the Ursa Major rampaged, she didn't even show after the attack that left several homes leveled. When Trixie the wizard arrived and began tormenting and threatening her people, she did nothing to stop her. Likewise a rampaging hydra and a cockatrice have nearly killed ponies and turned them to stone, but Celestia has never sent her elite guards to clear the Everfree Forest, leaving her subjects in constant peril.

-Events and rituals of the valley seem designed to create contention and discord. Traditional races include bizarre and dangerous events, social functions usually have an element of fierce competition, and other events like Winter Wrap up specifically exclude ponies of a class or discipline.

-Celestia is referred to as a 'princess' but there has never been seen a queen or a king. This suggests Celestia is either remarkably powerful for her rank, or she chose the title herself because it made her sound younger and there is no other royalty.

-In instances of Twilight delivering letters to Celestia, she is always seen in some kind of leisure activity: sitting on her throne, reading books, taking a bath. Apparently, despite all her absences, Celestia has plenty of free time.

-The famous 'tea' sequence shows that Celestia is not above messing with well meaning people. When a family fills her tea cup as she empties it she deliberately pretends to drink from her cup so that it overflows when refilled.
Her snarky reply 'Gotcha' could've been her statement after every crime she has perpetrated.

-With her sister banished and then mortified, she now controls not only the valley but also the sun and the moon. She is practically the god of the valley and obtained this position by exiling her own flesh and blood.

-Even though Celestia forces her pupil to make friends and report daily on her progress, Celestia herself is never seen to have any friends of her own.

-The Gala of Misery: Final Proof Celestia is Evil

The final episode of the first season 'Best Night Ever' is the closing argument that, even if Nightmare Moon is in fact a wicked tyrant, Celestia is far worse.
The first mention of the Grand Galloping Gala is in the episode 'The Ticket Master' in which Celestia gives Twilight two additional tickets only after inviting her to the party. This is only the third episode, right after the final part of the pilot, so Twilight is already being forced to put every friendship she's made to the test.
All six eventually go to the gala, but in the beginning of the final episode they sing a song about all the things they expect to do…at the gala. Apparently they all have short memories, they didn't actually attend the gala after all, or the gala changes completely every year. What they are singing about also turns out to be entirely wrong.
Somehow Rarity, although she's already been to the gala previously, still harbors dreams that Celestia's nephew will be a gentleman. Did Celestia not allow Rarity to meet him the time before?
Pinkie Pie dreams of it being a wild and crazy night. Was the previous gala less formal, and the new one changed to be a stiff and prim affair?
Fluttershy muses that she'll get to see the gardens. Did she not see them before or are they changed as well?
The desires of the ponies are as follows…

Twilight: Spend time with Celestia and talk with her

Fluttershy: Visit gardens, get to know animals.

Rainbow Dash: Meet and join Wonderbolts.

Rarity: Meet and woo Celestia's nephew.

Pinkie Pie: Dance and party.

Applejack: Sell apples.

In every example the wildest dream of the ponies becomes their worst nightmare.

Twilight: Gets to stand by Celestia...while she ignores her .

Fluttershy: Shunned by the animals until she gets fanatical.

Rainbow Dash: Ignored by the Wonderbolts despite her increasingly reckless actions.

Rarity: Discovers that Celstia's nephew is a jerk.

Pinkie Pie: Finds out the ball is a formal one without decorations or crazy music.

Applejack: Finds out the attendees are all aristocrats who refuse her wares.

After the ponies frantically try to obtain their ideals, literally destroying the party in the process (complete with shattering the main statue and toppling the pillars and risking much life and limb) the six retire in disgrace to drown their sorrows at the local ice cream parlor.
Celestia, in a rare example of actually going somewhere, arrives at the parlor and listens to their tales of woe.
But she greets their tears and apologies with laughter.
In another rare moment where Celestia reveals her games, she blatantly tells them she always hates galas because they're boring…and she deliberately invited them to 'make things interesting'.

So to recap…

-Celestia holds balls at great expense she doesn't even enjoy.
-Celestia chooses ponies to attend not based on merit but based on how much their neurosis and bumbling amuse her.
-Celestia is willing to stand by and watch her guests plunge into manic depression so they will be driven into destructive frenzies for her own entertainment.
-Celestia will watch as guests are hurt, nearly killed, and even as her own halls fall down around her ears, just so she won't be bored at a social function.

It's not stated but it can be interpreted that Celestia also carefully set up the circumstances for each pony to be denied their dearest wish.
This is all she would have to do...

Twilight: Deliberately ignore her after stating plainly you intend to spend time with her.

Fluttershy: Train the animals to be furtive.
Maybe Celestia in her natural state, alone without witnesses, is so terrifyingly evil the animals themselves have learned to stay away from any living thing.

Rainbow Dash: Provide no assistance in recommending her to her favorite team.

Rarity: Do nothing to improve the manners of your own nephew. Maybe even invite him purposely, knowing his handsomeness will lure some poor love-starved pony into an evening of despair.

Pinkie Pie: The previous gala may have been closer to Pinkie Pie's impression of what a party should be, raising her hopes. All that needed to be done was to make the proceedings as boring as possible and invite a bunch of arrogant high brows to drive her insane.

Applejack: See Pinkie Pie.

In conclusion Celestia implicitly states that the happiness, comfort, self-respect, the very LIVES of her subjects mean less to her then amusement.
This is the mark of an unabashed tyrant.
Celestia is not just apathetic, not just shortsighted, not just lazy and unfeeling and unjust, but she is unremorsefully evil... BY HER OWN ADMITTANCE!

In Conclusion:

Maybe in the second season the poor, bereaved Nightmare Moon will return to power and the ponies may have a chance to once and for all cast aside their chains of authoritarianism, the ancient lies will be dispelled, and Twilight Sparkle freed from the yoke of a heartless goddess.
For now however the golden helmed guards roam unchecked, the 'lessons' continue to become more and more deadly, and the lives of the six blameless ponies remain the playthings of the true malevolence lurking in the valley's midst.
Is Princess Celestia from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic secretly an evil tyrant?
This supposition is nothing new to MLP FIM fans, but I'm not sure any of them has done as throughly and unnecessarily exhaustive research on the subject as I have!
The phenomena is known as Trollestia to some, that Celestia is just mean spirited. I propose she's not a troll however.
She's the actual evil twin between herself as her sister Nightmare Moon. I try to explain my reasoning, provide examples, and leave you to decide.
If that is you can take a joke and care about MLP at all :lol:
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theyoungestbrony Featured By Owner Edited Jun 6, 2015  Student Digital Artist
beautiful work, seriously! It's a great theory, especially the part "the ancient lies will be dispelled." I truly do think that Celestia knows something she isn't letting on to. But my theory is actually more of a mega theory, so let's get to the story first, then  I'll explain why it makes sense.(I won't, actually.lolitrollu ) First, how things worked before the founding of Equestria: The trade route doesn't add up, so let me compare it to how the faction system works. This would mean that earth ponies would be amity, since they are primarily farmers. Pegusi are dauntless, because they are mostly militant. Now unicorns, however, were divided into two opposite, but equal classes: Inventors and craftsponies. you can guess what they did for their respective livings.
theyoungestbrony Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Digital Artist
the reason that the unicorns DID'NT raise the sun is that nopony, even the most powerful unicorn or alicorn would be able to do that. Celestia just made that part up to get the ponies' attention and dragged her sister down with her. boy did it work! not only was she famous, but she had loyal followers as well. and under her rule, they did many great things, one of them being able to harness the technology to clone and genetically engineer creatures however they wanted them. but since there weren't a lot of ponies fit or willing to fight, they still needed a royal guard. and so they tried to make gryffins, to act as super soldiers that were stronger, faster, better than the average pony. they also intended to give them the godlike powers they had infused in their own DNA so they could live forever. but, the  experiment went all wrong because there was too many genetic contaminents, and the male and female prototype were horribly disfigured. this was the birth of the draconequus. they already had their magic, but Celestia sent them into the woods in hopes that they would die out.
theyoungestbrony Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Digital Artist
exept that they did'nt. instead, they bred and had a son. the moon princess was intrigued as well, because she saw the beauty in everything. so she made more, without the magic. eventually, they grew into Equestria's neighboring kingdom. closest trade partner, in fact. and magic was passed down to a certain husband. then, one night, Celestia had a dream prophecy that a draconequus would take her throne and make a fool of her! so that morning, she did another gryffin experiment in a sterile environment, and it worked. she made more of them, until she had an army. and she told them to go and do away with the draconequi. but Discord's mother and father lived out in the country, so it was weeks before the message reached them. his mother was about to give birth to him when she was urged into the basement where she was safe from everything and where her daughter, who was a doctor, helped deliver her baby brother. after two days, she went out of the basement, ad found the rest of her house ripped to shreds, and her husband's corpse.
theyoungestbrony Featured By Owner 10 hours ago  Student Digital Artist
she then held onto her engagement ring, swearing she wouldnt let go of it. and after looking after a few days, she found sanctuary in the rebel group. all went well for years, but then a terrible blizzard went over the land, and wouldnt go away for months. within this period, things got hard on them. really hard, and she even considered selling her ring. but no one would take it. so she snuck out, went into her old home, and took what she could. by celestia's standerds, this was considered theivery, but what else was she to do? she went on back, and she and her son did well. but then the mother was taken prisoner by celestia's troops. and the princess debated with herself, like the countless times before, whether her prisoner would be shown out, or sentenced to death. she figured that since a draconequus killed her parents, she was geting even with them by killing a mother. so she did, the next day, while little discord stumbled upon them and could do nothing but watch in obsolete horror as his mother was burned at the stake.
theyoungestbrony Featured By Owner 10 hours ago  Student Digital Artist
that scarring went in his mind for the rest of his life. he ran away, spending his life alone in the woods. when the sisters moved out, he moved in. and he was mostly self taught. he found out what celestia did, and set a plan up to take over. the rest is history.
deleteend Featured By Owner May 17, 2015
Oh, you should get a kick out of the 'Make New Friends' episode. Fits well with this theory.
theyoungestbrony Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2015  Student Digital Artist
listen, jarredspekter. you have done truly stellar work on this. however, my reasoning for having a theory simallar to this one (I didn't copyright. I was inspired) are four rules of thumb that apply in cartoons just as much as real life: no one is perfect, no one is evil, everyone has an origin story, and everyone has their secrets.Ohm... Ohm...

also, no discord backstory impact stated. for shame...
HeathenBitch Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2015
Fluttershy stole the phoenix. Celestia did not allow her to care for it. In fact if I'd been in Celestia's place I'd have punished her.
jarredspekter Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
(I wasn't being serious when I wrote this. You have a point though :lol:)
theyoungestbrony Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Digital Artist
it was a joke?!?!?!?!?!?!? but you wrote it so well! I took you seriously!
jarredspekter Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
I'm flattered! :D
Just some fun though. I didn't want to make anyone mad XD
theyoungestbrony Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student Digital Artist
well, I have my own theory simmilar to that and I credited you as one of my sources.
jarredspekter Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
I'd love to see! :D
theyoungestbrony Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student Digital Artist
theyoungestbrony Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student Digital Artist
sorry, it's in real life, not digital, and re-typing it would be a real pain.
jarredspekter Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Oh! No problem XD
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HeathenBitch Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2015
Okay, maybe a firm scolding. It is Fluttershy after all.
VaurTheOneAndOnly Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
It's a great analysis but can all you Luna fags stop making Celestia a troll/molester/tyrant and making every Luna thing into a pity party? It gets on my nerves.

Sorry, had to say it.
theyoungestbrony Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Digital Artist
but Celestia knows something other ponies don't. the real Equestrian history.
jarredspekter Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Sorry, I was just trying to be funny more than anything else. XD
VaurTheOneAndOnly Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, it's okay, as long as it's a joke :)
jarredspekter Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Very much so. I put it in humor, and I even mentioned it in the description XD
VaurTheOneAndOnly Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I saw that AFTER I posted the comment XD

I was being idiotic and didn't see the joke part :3
AshleynWoods Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
SO TRUE!!!!!!
AshleynWoods Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
So true! 👍 You unlocked all of mlp problems!🔑🔐
LunarSnowflake4 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2014
Great theory! Have a cookie! :iconchocolatecookieplz: 
jarredspekter Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
KurotsutaMurasaki Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2014
I think there's definitely credence for an evil Celestia from a fan-fiction point of view, but in actual show terms I think it unlikely.

Celestia certainly does let Twilight and her friends take the brunt of responsibility in most of the serious situations in the show, but we now know that that is because (SPOILERS) Celestia was grooming Twilight to become a princess. Celestia can't always save the day if Twilight is to rule for herself.

As to the Celestia V Nightmare Moon issue, I'll give you a little slack as this article was posted in 2011 and we've come quite far in the series since then. However, Her name is LUNA (Not Nightmare) and as of season 4 we've been SHOWN what happened the night that Luna was banished.

Lastly - To anyone who really takes this seriously - I feel that I quite simply MUST point out, that THIS IS A KIDS SHOW. The scenario's depicted there-in (excepting the season premiers and finales) aren't always necessarily linked to an over-arching plot. They're just supposed to teach children basic every-day lessons: Don't judge a book by its' cover; Let the future handle itself, never over-criticize yourself, etc.  
FountainStranger Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
this is too ridiculous, your taking away EVERYONES agency to make a character who isn't evil, Evil, for no good reason
theyoungestbrony Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Digital Artist
you don't know that! she could be a lesbian for all you know. she spends all that time, cooped up in her castle.
FountainStranger Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Traditional Artist
she spent thousands of years is torment protecting the citizens of her kingdom after having been forced to banish her own sister, i know lots of people like to make up stuff to make celestia out to be evil but this is just silly
theyoungestbrony Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Digital Artist
well, it doesn't seem that way. even if she DID feel guilty about it, who would'nt? and I like to think that she isn't the devil, but she isn't god. she has a hidden mean streak somewhere. when she put Discord in stone, she didn't seem to feel guilty about it at all, despite the fact that, even though he tried to take over, maybe if they worked TOGETHER, the result might've been great. and even if she took it into consideration, did the math and found out it would'nt work, he is still a sentient being and desreves respect. no one is meant to be a glorified garden gnome. it does things to you. #teachandpreach
FountainStranger Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Traditional Artist
Discord was tormenting and torturing the country's citizens, i would'nt feel bad about zapping such a cruel person who glorified in suffering either
theyoungestbrony Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student Digital Artist
we actually don't 100 percent know he did THAT though. plus, in many ways, he acts like a little kid who just refuses to grow up. that isn't really his fault, since he probably went crazy and got "peter pan syndrome" while he was in stone. lord knows I would.
FountainStranger Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student Traditional Artist
its was narrated to us, he was explicitly introduced a villain who was well aware of his actions
theyoungestbrony Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student Digital Artist
but you can't seriously expect that what Celestia says is completely accurate. she is flesh and blood, after all. she gets tempted to rewrite history, I'm sure. and she might give in, and use her political power to alter what really happened simply because she hated Discord's guts and wanted him DEAD.
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DaviDark-TheGunter Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Celestia And Luna Aren't Twins
AshleynWoods Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Luna is a younger sister so true
DaviDark-TheGunter Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
AshleynWoods Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Yepper smacker doodle! I have no idea what that just was.
NecronianAssasin Featured By Owner May 1, 2014
Banish her to the sun!!!
theyoungestbrony Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Digital Artist
let her burn alive?!?!? that's a little harsh, even for her...
BoarHide Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
For far as I know, There is still be danger to judge Celestia is evil or irresponsible.
Few evidence, few Information.

About Equestria political nature.
My opinion is immortal is not mean invisible or responsible in everything. 

So many question to ask about Celestia in politic role, like...
who is Celestia and Luna parent? How did their receive or become in power?
Did anyone know certainly about Celestia power?
Did Celestia have government or Did Equestria have politic?
How many tech that pony invented? Did Celestia accept in science progress?
How many authority that Celestia have? How did she use her power in Equestria politic? Direct or Indirect?
Did anyone know certainly that what did Celestia thinking or decided?

You, can't explain that.
And it not safe to judge that Celestia is abuse of power.
It not good, too.If anyone judge by know a few.

About Celestia irresponsible and other few blame.
I think Celestia may can cause some trouble like other pony.
because Celestia "just like us". She did not know what will happen in future.

Anyway. by personally,I would like to ignore Celestia and Luna mistake.
because I personally like them.
Clear? Why?
because Celestia and Luna behaves look younger and innocent than they should be.
1000 years old, but behaves so young. 
Did you see Celestia eating those cakes?
Did you see Luna in Nightmare Night festival?
they are really cute and beautiful. Did any part of them show that they evil? told me.
And I think they are not plan to do it by purpose.

In conclusion,  the clear and further answer. I think any other doubt should be ask to Celestia or Luna or other pony to find the true... but that impossible, right?
So, to be safe, Don't make a mislead assumption, 
even it a joke don't tried to do it, because bad joke always cause fire storm or flame war. I'm seriously.

But the doubt in Celestia help me learn about Equestria culture anyway (I'm not sure If anyone do the same thing). So let find out, keep up a good work and make it more reasonable.
And if Celestia become villain in canon, maybe the doubt is true. and it sound fun.

P.S. I hope that one day I could jump in Equestria and find the true.
sorry, just kidding.
elephantsrule3 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2014
After reading this, it makes me question if at the end of the series (maybe a movie finale) if Celesta will admit that everything in the series she did was all planned and she admits, that she is evil and  to has the intention of destroying  equestria or something and it will be up to twilight and her Friends (maybe even their human counterparts), spike, shining armor and cadence as well as Luna and discord and possibly old enemies as well as allies to stop her and save eqeuastria, 

But I'm just questing all those things it could have just been mistakes from the creators but they could be little things that will lead to something much bigger and maybe Hasbro will make a grand finale where celestia admits to being evil and it will be up to twilight and everyone else to stop her.

only time will tell, so I am just going to continue to watch the series until the very end.
NoneStar Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Luna gets to do the moon in new episodes, right? If not, it must be done.. xD
rainbowshy2013 Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2014
I didn't read through every detail of your passage, but let me offer my slight variation on this theory: Celestia is evil, and she's grooming Twilight to become a true foe. She could have easily taken down all of the villains in the series so far, but instead she's letting Twilight do it so Twilight can become more powerful. Celestia wants a challenge. 
Season 1: Celestia imprisoned Nightmare Moon in the moon for 1000 years, not to hard to reuse the elements of harmony and put her back. Giving Twilight the opportunity saw how far Celestia could push her student, to see how far that raw talent she saw long ago could possibly go. She sent Twilight to make friends because that is the most powerful magic of all, the only way any living thing could stand against her. 
Season 2 opening: the spell Celestia was using to protect the Elements of Harmony was "broken" by Discord and he managed to move them to the library, giving Twilight a chance to test her Friendship magic. When Twilight couldn't do it by herself, she sent the letters back to help Twilight out. 
Season 2 finale: shouldn't Celestia have been protecting Canterlot if she really wanted to protect it? Not sure exactly how love magic works, so it may or may not have been stronger than Celestia. IMO, Celestia was faking, but maybe she might have lost if Shining Armor and Candace hadn't been so in love.
Season 3 opening: Same as season 1, grooming Twilight. If the Crystal Empire did actually carry the weight of Equestria on its shoulders, I don't think she would have sent only Twilight and them. Also, Luna may have only known about turning Twilight into a princess rather than grooming her.
Mid Season 3: Why would she need Discord's magic? More magic for Twilight to learn? More enemies for her to face (if Twilight decides to team up with Luna and Discord), so more of a challenge?
Season 3 finale: Twilight's a princess, so probably greater magic, plus skilled wing use could get her to become a foe in the air too.
Equestria girls: Learning about other worlds. Another test.
Season 4 opening: I can't imagine that it would be that hard to break out of the vines if Applejack could close a window on one.
gaiatheleafeon Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

.....   I ALMOST find your Blindness amusing. If you are an Only Child or the YOUNGEST of your sibling(s), than I don't expect you to understand, But me being the older sister of a 10-year-old HIGH-FUNCTIONING-AUTISTIC little sister. Despite how much i hate her because she makes mum angry and making my life HELL, I couldn't even bear the thought of sending her away for a MONTH; let alone 1000 YEARS! Not only that, But Celestia had to take on Luna's Duties of raising the moon as well as her sun AND SECRETLY find new bearers of the elements of harmony, because She knew that Nightmare Moon would probably try to kill her WHILE still bearing guilt because all that time she believed it was her fault..... ALL WHILE PRETENDING NOTHING WAS WRONG!!!!!


I sat and read through your long passage of why you think Celestia is Evil. I would appreciate if you did so for my reply.



May Shame bear down on all Celestia Haters, For you are all too blind to see what it may have been like for the poor Princess of the Day....

VaurTheOneAndOnly Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
*slow clap*
gaiatheleafeon Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

( I see how many can take this the wrong way; this is to the Brony Fandom!


I did stuff up on words;

Passage = Theory

Reply = this comment



missymoomeow Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2014  Hobbyist Artist


I mean, what would you do if your younger sister who'm you love, was jealous of you, and sent the world into eternal night? Give her a freaking milkshake!?

Also, Celestia already has to raise the SUN, which if this guy didn't know, is 1,000,000 times bigger than earth. It's no wonder she must be carried. And also, it's so stupid. I mean, people think like this.

Celestia+Falsely sips teacup for a joke=Troll

Discord+Turns world literally upside down, and makes everyone the opposite of themselves, and used to send the world into chaos=Pure fun

The fandom is blind!

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