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March 16, 2011
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Sonic Freedom Fighters Opera
In the tradition of The Protomen

Album 1: The Engineer's Assistant

1: The Edge

Julian Ivo Kintobor recounts the history of his people to a recently invented robot he's cobbled together between his grueling work as a breaker; salvaging pieces from the enemy Mobian war machines brought down into his bunker city. He relates briefly the Xorda invasion and the ongoing struggle with the Mobian enemy. Finally he recounts his own life, building a criminal network to see how people tick and reading up on famous dictators for inspiration. The Edge relates to the tipping point in his personality, from wanting to better his people to despairing of mankind and wanting power and control. It also relates to the edge of the table he slowly coaxes the robot to by degrees until it willing follows his orders and smashes to pieces on the floor.

2: The One Who Will Save Us

Julian's father justifies his brutal treatment of his son by comparing it to forging a weapon with heat and resistance. Ever since his wife died he's lost faith in people as anything more then tools. He considers Julian to be just another cog in the machine of mankind's current martial society, but he has hopes that Julian's brother Colin will be the savior he prays is coming to bring mankind out from underground and break free from the shackles of Mobian control. He relates how this savior will fix all the problems in mankind's past that led to their current predicament and rule with justice, uniting the species once more. He ends speculating that he won't live to see this.

3: A New Function

Julian is sent off with Colin to serve as a mechanic for his brother's mech walker along with a small patrol of soldiers. However when they arrive at the settlement they're meant to defend they find out its been destroyed, the Mobians rigging the relay to broadcast the emergency signal so they could lure the patrol into an ambush. In the resulting battle Colin is severely injured and left to die while Julian is captured. The only thing he manages to keep from the scene is his brother's dog tags. However Julian uses this to his advantage, proposing that he help the Mobians reverse engineer human technology. Julian is eaten by guilt over his betrayal and his brother's apparent death, but validates his decision by regarding it as swapping out his functions to survive, like he once did with his brother's mech.

4: How the Other Half Lives

Julian is placed in the research division with Charles Hedgehog and the two are uneasy allies. They take jabs at each other for the indecencies their respective species have visited on the other, as well as the myths they harbor against the enemy they both know little about. Charles is reluctant at first to work with a traitor but Julian convinces him he made his decision to bring about peace and Charles agrees. The much touted hero Jules Hedgehog arrives, mentions in passing his wife is with child, and ask to see what they're working on. While Julian has invented an energy weapon Charles makes some vague references to an advance in medical science working on the principal of artificial limbs, only this machine creates artificial organs, skin, and bones. Julian ends by mentioning how intrigued he is by the concept of a machine that turns skin into metal.  

5: Welcome Home

Robotnik makes a deal with King Acron of the Mobians that he will infiltrate a military base, activating the self-destruct devices on each of the machines and weapons he helped to build. He receives no resistance and when he starts to kill his own people the shock of a lowly engineer's assistant attacking them is too much to counter. When the Mobian strike force invades the human army at Julian's own birth city is in a shambles and the remnants are swept away. Julian strides through the ruins of a place he bore no love for, but comes across his father who is dying after being mortally wounded in the defense of the city. His father gives a reprise of The One Who Will Save Us, but says that Julian is that savior, the man who will unite his people in battle. Julian assumes he's delirious.

6: Brother's Keeper

Jules is mortally injured in a final guerilla action by surviving humans before the very walls of Mobotropolis, capital of the Mobian empire. Charles rushes him to the machine he built to save him, describing what he believes it will ideally do as quickly finishes building it. Jules isn't convinced it will work and makes mention he would rather die to live in the way Jules describes: an immortal machine, even if that means leaving his son behind. Eventually Charles forces Jules into the machine and activates it, forecasting the wider implications of this Robotisizer. No more permanent injuries in war, invincible police and soldiers, deathless citizens; an end to death itself. However although Jules is repaired and his body remade as indestructible titanium, his brother is gone. The robot can only obey commands, not think for itself and Charles despairs, smashing the machine.

7: The Wheels Turn

Robotnik meets in secret with the head of the human resistance (in reality his cousin Percival Snively) and discusses the beginnings of his plan to rebel against the Mobians. His plot involves using the robot police force he's installed already to weaken resistance from within while the human resistance bears down from without. He's doing this for no other reason then pragmatic revenge for the deaths of his father and brother, but a spy arrives and informs him the wreckage of a machine has been discovered in the lab and Julian's plans take another tack. Now he hints at a grander design, some kind of culmination of his work with machines alongside the impending rebellion.
As the final part of the opera he muses that in the new regime he'll need another name, and he catches sight of his last name reflected backward on his brother's dog tags.
Elsewhere Colin is alive and has founded his own organization, predicting his brother's decent into power madness. He calls it The Guardian Unit of Nations.
Or G.U.N.
Another crazy idea. Protomen made two albums based on the Megaman video game series and managed to make a bright and fluffy platform game into a dramatic, operatic tale of the end of the world.

Could the same thing be done for Sonic?

I'm no song writer so I decided instead of suggest how and where the songs would go and what they might be about.
This first album, The Engineer's Assistant, would cover the back story of Robotnik; the primary enemy in the Sonic the hedgehog series. Its a combination of the story line from the video games, the animated series and the comic storyline.
Fans will notice several references to each, but hopefully the story itself works without extensive knowledge of the franchise.

I'd love to see this (if ever done at all) be a techno opera :lol:
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jarredspekter Mar 20, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Well the first part of that is how usually feel about this. I decided to go a little crazy here XD
I didn't think you could come up with anymore crazy ideas...

...But this is so crazy...It just might work....
Sounds great. It's not gonna have a downer ending, is it?
jarredspekter Mar 16, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Not the later albums ^^
Oh no, it's the Spiderman broadway show, only for Sonic!!! Haha, I'm sorry, I had to do it XD Poor Spiderman...poor Sonic :P

Insanity Signing OFF!!!
jarredspekter Mar 16, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Just an idea ^^;
Haha, I was kidding, I promise XD It'd be...interesting, not really my thing, but hey, what is any more? How you been anyway? Haven't heard from you at all.
jarredspekter Mar 16, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
I don't mean to be hard to find ^^;
I've actually been hammering away at a real job! I'm editing trailers :phew:
How have you been though? I've been about the same except for the odd house cleaning bit or torrential storm :lol:
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