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Episode 1: Departure

Ext. Planet Venom

Like a bottomless ocean the void stretches in all directions, lit by the fitful smolder of distant stars. This is the forbidden quadrant: the deepest, farthest reaches of space.
This is where the galaxy sends it's unwanted.
The nexus of the endless night is a large red planet, ringed by decades of ship debris.
A roar of thruster engines and six Arwing fighters pull into view, soaring in formation.

JAMES V.O: Approach pattern one niner eight seven.

Int. James McCloud's Cockpit

An anthropomorphic fox in a flight suit smiles grimly at the controls of the front Arwing.
The cosmos is reflected in his dark sunglasses, receding.
This is JAMES MCCLOUD: squadron leader of the Galaxy Dog mercenaries.

JAMES: All wings patch in. Lets try this one by the book.

On his console is five screens displaying the images and statistics of his wingmen.

Screen 1: Wolfe, a youthful and surly wolf.
Screen 2: Mika, a white cat with a sarcastic expression.
Screen 3: Peppy, the oldest and most cheerful in appearance. A hare.
Screen 4: Quill, a lizard, looking almost manically cheerful at the prospect of action.
Screen 5: Pigma, a hefty but muscular pig pilot with a sallow leer.

Int. Wolfe's Cockpit

Wolfe's cockpit looks…less then regulation. A poster for a scantily clad vixen in a suggestive pose hangs from one of the walls of his cabin and WOLFE himself wears a jacket instead of a flight suit with a large blaster pistol tucked into an obvious shoulder holster.

WOLFE: Wolfe here, commander and really Jimmy? When have you done anything by the book?

Int. Mika's Cockpit

Mika is cleaner and more composed in her setup then Wolfe. Her distinction is that she's taken to personalizing everything she owns with the colors white and pink with a signature lightning bolt design, including her uniform and helmet.
MIKA, sitting upright and alert in her chair, is devoting the majority of her focus to concise movements of her flight stick.

MIKA: I read commander. Wing two is at your back. I'll keep an eye on Wolfe to see to it he doesn't muck things up this run but I can't make any promises.

On her own console she has the five other pilots displayed. The Wolfe image snickers.

WOLFE O.S: Could have sworn you had your eye on me long before this run, Mika.

MIKA: Not even in your wildest dreams. Over.

WOLFE O.S: My dreams can get pretty wild. Over.

MIKA: Really? So, do your dreams involve my steel-toed boot up your...!

QUILL O.S: Maybe a little less cross chatter and a little more role call? Over.

MIKA: Roger that. Wolfe…I'll deal with you later.

WOLFE O.S: Ooh…sounds fun. Your place or mine?

Mika rolls her eyes.

Int. Peppy O'Hare's Cockpit

PEPPY adjusts a few buttons mounted above his flight console before seating himself.

PEPPY: Reporting in, commander. All systems are a go.

Int. Quill's Cockpit

The lizard apparently has a thing for weapons. The walls of his cockpit are festooned with mounted blaster rifles, racks of pistols, and QUILL wears a knife slung over his camouflage pattern flight suit.
His swiveling eyes keep unnervingly focusing in different directions.

QUILL: Wing four on your six, boss.

Int. Pigma's Cockpit

PIGMA seems unsurprisingly a bit sloppy.  His flight suit is rumpled and stained. The walls of his cabin are due for a cleaning. Oddly he wears a remarkably shiny golden earring and he has several rings on his pudgy fingers. Pigma seems to enjoy opulence for it's own sake.
He leans forward and punches in a series of commands.

PIGMA: Wing five here, commander. Logging in approach vector and…locked.

Int. James McCloud's Cockpit

James activates a central screen that flickers to life, revealing a wizened but sensible bulldog in a red military uniform.

JAMES: Greatfox this is Galaxy Dog. All wings are good to go, over.

Ext. The Great Fox

It's enormous: a gliding armored fortress more then a spacecraft. On its tail section is emblazoned the red silhouette of a fox mid run with wings sprouting from its back.
Below this is written the name of the ship: 'Greatfox'.

Int. Observation Deck, The Great Fox

GENERAL PEPPER, the bulldog, gazes out the window at the red planet in the middle distance, the six planes seemingly suspended before it despite the blue glow of their jets.  

The holographic images of all six pilots shimmers on the Plexiglas before him.
Pepper is deep in thought, his wrinkled countenance wrinkling further with the effort.
The image of James furrows its brow.

JAMES O.S: General. Permission to begin our run.

General Pepper finally nods.

GENERAL PEPPER: Permission granted, commander. Begin silent run recon protocol.

JAMES O.S: That's a roger. Galaxy Dog. We're going in.

GENERAL PEPPER: If he's still there he won't come out quietly.

WOLFE O.S: Call me crazy, sir, but I think that's the reason you hired mercenaries.

MIKA O.S: I take it you want him alive. You say he was a prominent scientist. It would be a waste to just blast him, sir.

GENERAL PEPPER: All options have been weighed. The federation would prefer Professor Andross was taken alive, but that might not be an option. If you find yourself with the choice between live capture or your own lives…the decision rests with you. I'd prefer to see him brought to justice for all that he's done and all he's preparing to do.

QUILL: We'll take it easy on the egghead then, just for you, sir.

General Pepper nods solemnly.

GENERAL PEPPER: Oh, and James…

JAMES O.S: General?

The bulldog smiles sadly.


James chuckles.

JAMES O.S: You're the one who'll need help when you get the bill, sir.

Ext. Debris Ring, Planet Venom

The Arwings descend one after the other into the whirling collection of shattered hulls and orbiting asteroids the size of their vehicles. Wolfe's ship takes the most risks, shaving up greater amounts of time and pulling ahead.

WOLFE V.O: YEE-HA! See you guys on the surface!

KAT V.O: I guess I knew what I was getting into when I joined a merc outfit…

PEPPY V.O: Go easy on her, Wolfe! I just finished repairing your wing after the last time.

WOLFE V.O: I think you guys are getting old and rusty. What do you think Jimmy? Ready to pass the torch?

James McCloud's ship veers expertly in front of Wolfe's craft.

Int. James McCloud's Cockpit

James smirks.

JAMES: I think you mean commander?

Wolfe laughs over the com-link.

WOLFE O.S: Not bad for a geezer!

James' attention turns to a photograph taped to his console.
A young fox woman, Mrs. McCloud, is holding up a fox cub with a similar Mohawk to his own even at that tender age. Below it is written: Love from Vixy and Fox.

JAMES: Yeah…not bad.

His empty dark lenses give way to…

Int. Andross' Lair, Planet Venom – Day

…the dark goggles of ANDROSS OIKONNY.
He's a primate, stooped but thick set, standing in the middle of a large and empty room lit faintly by nothing besides a floating latticework of blue holograms he consults, sometimes shifts with movements of his hands. He's dressed in a stained and tattered white lab coat and overall looks ill kempt and unhealthy.
Outside as seen through high slit windows in the dome where he's made his command center daylight peeks in, but on Venom daylight is the color of blood.
Andross sees clearly the six ships on approach in his screens, represented by six traveling blue dots nearing a wire frame sphere for Venom itself.
A door slides open and a red armored VENOM GUARD enters, saluting by clapping his gauntlet to his chest and bowing. Andross dutifully ignores him.

VENOM GUARD: Lord Andross! Advance sensors have detected…

ANDROSS: Yes yes…I know.

The guard freezes in place. The reptilian eyes behind the breathing mask look terrified.

VENOM GUARD: You already know.

ANDROSS: Of course. The Cornerian military hierarchy could never leave a loose end unattended to. It's not their style.

VENOM GUARD: Orders sir…?

Andross finally turns to his soldier. His body language reads irritated.

ANDROSS: Do I really have to update you or your ilk of what to do with insurgents?

The soldier salutes again and exits, unlimbering his blaster rifle as he does.
Andross turns his attention back to the holograms.
In the blue light his goggles become translucent, revealing heavily hooded, blood shot eyes narrowed in hatred behind them.

ANDROSS (To himself): We have unfinished business, don't we? Try not to die too quickly…

Ext. The Inferno Mire, Planet Venom – Day

If Hell had a material reality it couldn't look much worse then this. Jagged, razor sharp mountain peaks jut up crazily in the distance and a low, thick cover of red mist blankets everything. The ground is deceptive, appearing to be solid red earth but is in reality thick crimson mud. The blazing sun fights to illumine the threatening thorny plants, the skittering unnamable aliens, and the gouts of flame from volcanic geysers.
More VENOM GUARDS patrol the comparatively firm 'shores' of the marshes: hard packed rocky ground without moisture to be seen.
A hovercraft with two guards sitting on either side of it, their feet dangling, roars over the marsh.  
As soon as it's gone, up from red mud a shape rises. The slick ooze slips away revealing a helmet, and within is the keen eyes of Wolfe.

WOLFE O.S: Perimeter breached. These guys are as dumb as they look.

He lifts from the ooze a cylindrical device, which he activates so that a small red light at the top of it flashes on and off. He tosses it casually behind him and moments later has lifted and activated two more bombs from his submerged satchel.

WOLFE O.S: Tell me when you want the fireworks show.

Ext. Overlook Cliffs, Planet Venom – Day

Peppy, Mika, and Quill are crouched down on top of a high bluff, similarly dressed in full atmosphere suits. Mika is steadying a sniper rifle while Quill is holding up a pair of binoculars. Peppy is thumbing a tablet computer.
Below them stretched a jury-rigged military complex: Andross' domain. It's been built from crashed space ships and other junk piled onto this planet for years. Hover crafts like the one from before enter and depart from it as do armies of Venom Guard, looking like marching ants this far above.

PEPPY: Enemy base located. Andross has a pretty entrenched set up here. According to the schematics he's created three consecutive scrap iron walls for environmental protection yes, but he also seems to be anticipating an assault. Look at all the gun placements.

MIKA: Comes from being a genius with a lot of time on your hands.

QUILL: And a life sentence to brood. I've got to admit conscripting the inhabitants of your prison planet? I almost admire the guy.

MIKA: He gene bombed a colony to monitor accelerated evolution.

QUILL: Ah. Scratch what I said.

Mika chuckles.

MIKA: He's far from admirable…but there's no doubt he's inspiring.

Quill lowers his binoculars and raises an eyebrow.

QUILL: Mika…sometimes you frighten me.

PEPPY: Me too if it comes to that.

Mika coolly adjusts her sniper scope.

MIKA: Excuse me I thought we were a mercenary team, not a sewing circle…

Ext. Andross Base, Planet Venom – Day

Venom Guards snarling gutturally at each other walk in two by two patrols. As they pass by one of the walls of Andross' complex a ripple in the shape of a humanoid figure seems to spring into existence leaning against it.
Then it pulls away.
James's suit's active cloaking function jitters and fails as he rolls into a brackish ditch but recovers and reactivates as he ceases to move.
A red guard who spotted his sudden appearance from his vantage on the walls raises his gun to his shoulder but soon lowers it, convinced he's seen nothing after all.
In the ditch James crouches low.
Despite wearing a full suit and helmet he maintains his signature sunglasses.

JAMES: Wolfe. Could use that distraction.

WOLFE O.S: Coming right up, boss.

A plume of fire and an explosion horrific enough to shake the ground rises from the far side of the complex. The red guards bolt towards the disturbance including the guard on the wall.

JAMES: Keep me covered and keep them busy, Mika! I'm going to pull the professor out of his hole.

MIKA O.S:  Roger that, commander.

JAMES: And Pigma. Keep those engines warm. I have a feeling we'll be leaving fast.

Ext. Landing Zone – Day

Pigma in his own atmosphere suit stands nearby the six Arwings, which have come to rest in a wide flat plane.

PIGMA: I've got it all taken care of, boss.

Ext. Andross Base, Planet Venom – Day

James rises up from the ditch, rushes the falling blast door and tumbles underneath before it slams shut.

Ext. Overlook Cliffs, Planet Venom – Day

Mika squeezes off a few sniper rifle rounds.
Below the guards are in disarray, going to investigate the dark cloud rising from Wolfe's diversionary demolition and swarming up the hills to combat the sniper.

QUILL: Annnnd…here they come!

He works his repeater rifle around from it's back strap and draws a bead on the charging army.

Peppy sighs and pulls two blaster pistols from holsters at his sides.

PEPPY: I always feel that regressing to this situation is a failure of diplomacy.

The sniper rifle bucks and Mika cackles unnervingly.

MIKA: Don't see why. We're making some pretty concise arguments!

Pepper growls as he takes aim beside Quill.

PEPPY: You know what I mean. Ever wonder what it might be like NOT fighting for a living?

MIKA: Nope.

QUILL: If I was good at anything else I take you up, Pepper.

He grits his teeth and fires a burst of gunfire, as the venom guards get closer.

QUILL: Yeah? You like it? I've got plenty more for you and your friends!

PEPPY: Is it really the smartest thing to even let him go in the first place?

MIKA: What are you blathering about now?

PEPPY: Just that Andross and James…they have a history…

MIKA: Never stopped me.

PEPPY: Yes…but you're a special case.

QUILL: Don't worry about it! Plenty of time for regrets after the shooting stops!

Blaster bolts are peppering the cliff face and whizzing through the air.

PEPPY: Fine. Maybe I do worry too much.

Just as the first guard tops the rise thrusting forward with a makeshift bayonet attacked to his laser rifle Peppy's normally placid expression sinks into a glare.
He fires both of his pistols simultaneously.

Int. Corridor, Andross Base – Day

James rushes down the rusting, murky hallways. Periodically he fires the blaster pistol in his hand, felling one of the few venom guards rounding the corners of the complex who fall backwards with a hiss. Blaster bolts return fire but he keeps to the shadows and they glance off from the walls around him in showers of sparks leaving smoldering holes.
Finally his weapon spent he throws it with a snarl, smack into the face of a guard, before he drawing a knife from his belt with a laser hologram as the blade.
He slashes glowing wounds into two opposing guards before hurling the weapon into his final opponent's chest.
As the guard slumps to the ground James breathes heavily, frozen in the pose for throwing.
He reaches up and removes his sunglasses, revealing in a strip of light that his eyes are bright green, the beginnings of age wrinkling his face around them.
His expression is furious, but it's closer to self-loathing then hatred of his enemies.

Int. Andross' Lair, Planet Venom – Day

The door is slashes open by glowing; burning lines before falling to pieces and James enters with his knife burning blue in the darkness.


A figure stirs in the black.

ANDROSS O.S: Ah…James McCloud. Welcome to me home away from home.
I was requested to write some concerning my ideas about a reboot for the Star Fox story; more accurately hopefully a faithfully conceived, darker reimagining of the source material that made the series, from the video games to the comics.
Awhile ago I tried to write some screenplays on the idea but they struck me as WAY too melodramatic to me. This time I wanted things to seem a little more adventuresome. Gritty but slightly exaggerated so it seemed more like a science fiction action movie.
If you like the idea I'll continue it :)

I haven't written anything in awhile so I'm probably a little rusty, but hopefully fans and non alike find something to enjoy.
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bigfootRULES Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012  Student Writer
i have a idea for a star fox episode. one of andross generals takes controll of an alien ship and changed the atmosphere onboard the ship so the aliens are wearing space suits so you don't see there faces until the end of the episode. fox then leds the aliens to revolt against the general. at the end of the episode fox leaves the ship and the ships computer says the atmosphere is allright one of the aliens say "wow can you believe it? a intersteller civilization of intelligent animals!" the other alien says "well frank the universe is a big place so anything is possible." as he says this he takes of his helmet and it turned out he was a human! and we cut to outside the alien ship and we see the U.S. symbol on the side of the ship. so what do you think of my idea?
ryu238 Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2012
So far so good.
CommandantZarothaa Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2012
You should be hired to write a Starfox tv series!
Dimension-Dino Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2012
Not bad, but I have to ask something. Did you get Peppy and Pepper's names mixed up near the end?
jarredspekter Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
It's General Peppy and Peppy O'Hare I think ^^;

Chance are good I scrambled them XD
Dimension-Dino Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2012
Ya did.
jarredspekter Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Fixed I think :nod:
Evilgidgit Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
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