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July 14, 2011
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Story Concept: Conclave

Collectively it is called The Magnavox.
It is everything there is: galaxies, suns, planets, moons, the history and the past. From the times lost to history of lone wanderers and ancient magic, to the present of bold struggle against oppressive regimes, to the grim future of stalwart survivors against incredible odds. The threads of legend and destiny unite every warrior, soldier, humble hero, wizard and rebel who has ever lived.
This is one of a thousand tales, a thousand tales contained in its telling. For no life, good or ill, exists without affecting the paths of others.
These are the tales of The Conclave.

They came from the depths of the void.
In the years following humankind's discovery of The Chaos Emeralds, a source of unlimited power, the species experienced a scientific golden age in which is was discovered that the principal of the universe was energy, not physical laws. With no constraints to advancement they crafted a worldwide utopia of technology…
Until they came.
They went by many names but introduced themselves as Xorda, caretakers of the galactic balance of power. They demanded the Chaos Emeralds but were refused, and in the resulting war what humans could survive hid underground for decades before finally emerging to discover the world had changed. Animals had evolved into the Mobian species and now man had a rival for the planet. After numerous conflicts Sonic the Hedgehog and his rebels rose to he challenge of fighting Dr. Robotnik, a tyrant so devious even the humans themselves came to hate him.
But while the guerilla war went on a prophecy centuries old came to pass.
Deep in a forgotten temple from the ages when the Earth was known by another name, a young man awoke from his trance and took up his green uniform and magic sword to see what had become of the lands outside. This was Link, hero of time, charged by princess Zelda centuries before to defeat the evil wizard Ganondorf. Dragmire. Unknown to him Ganon has become advisor to Robonik using the new name Naugus.
Although mute, Link sets forth to continue his mission in retrieving the three fold mystical Tri-Force, finding the lost princess, and recovering his ocarina with the power to adjust the flow of time. Seeing injustice in the changed world his sense of duty drives him to leaping into the latest conflict with Robotnik's mechanized armies, and in doing so meets the youthful Freedom Fighters of Knothole woods.
Even while this occurs, in the wastelands an orange ship crash lands, and from it emerges a figure clad head to foot in armor of the same hue. This is Samus Aran, bounty hunter for the Galactic Federation Police in a galaxy far far away. She had been trailing The Xorda subsect known as Space Pirates (specifically their leader Ridley), until a skirmish led to her auguring her gunship into Earth's orbit, a planet all records list as uninhabited. She discovers this to be not the case when she has a run in with a local simian tribe of Mobians, led by a gruff but amiable ape named Donkey Kong.
Not all mobians are aligned with freedom however. In particular the lizard tribes are united by a dictator who prefers to profit from the chaos of war, a great dragon named Bowser. With his army of mutants, flora and fauna, at his command he's as much a force to be reckoned with as Robotnik and his ilk. His arms running, raids, ransoming and other underhanded deals are a constant problem for Kong and he's more then willing to hire Samas to aid his fight in exchange for the technical knowledge of his grandfather. There is a local human who also has a standing grudge with Bowser, a plumber by regular trade named Mario, but thanks to bad blood he and Kong don't get along very often. Even though Kong and his family prefer to stay independent from the war between freedom fighters and Robotropolis, the constant affects of dark technology and evil magic become even too much for the venerable warrior, and finally a deal is made. An alliance.
A bounty hunter, a reckless child revolutionary, a silent elfin knight, a hulking guardian of the jungle and even the diminutive but resourceful Italian adventurer will join forces to see to it the combined evil of a mad scientist, a vengeful wizard, and a cunning beast are thwarted, the societies of the Earth reunited.
But the far-reaching effects of this rebellion are not finished calling out champions of light and shadow.

-From the celestial heights the powers above send a brave angel to the world below in order to right the balance. His name is Pit and although less experienced then his fellows (only several centuries old) he is boundlessly enthusiastic and courageous about his mission to not only smite villainy wherever its found but also to learn about his own nature, and the nature of the mortals he must become as to serve.

-In one of the many human cities to feel the growing oppression of Robotnik a crazed robotic engineer decides he will follow the doctor's example and enslaves the people with his 'Robotic Masters'. Dr. Wily didn't count on his associate Dr. Light creating again a robotic savior after the tragic fall of his first invention Protoman. The new robot, modeled after his son, is determined to bring judgment to any robotic force that stands between mankind and freedom. His name is Rock, but is known more commonly by the name Megaman, and after Wily defers to Robotnik for aid he finds himself matched against two evil geniuses, and even magical enemies as well.

-Deep in Transylvania there stands a foreboding castle, swallowed by geological upheaval and resting deep in a labyrinth of natural stone and tunnels carved by the misshapen minions who minister to it. Creatures of myth and legend, all twisted to the will of darkness have long kept vigil here, knowing that in the deepest crypt their master sleeps and awaits his time. Now an earthquake has shattered the sacred coffin their master had been held within, and Dracula once more rises to begin his own conquest. He is underpowered after ages of slumber, but that's nothing a few hundred sacrificial victims wouldn't cure. Even the coalition of autocrats won't be enough to stop his meteoric ascendancy once his full powers return.
Luckily for all who live the mantle of the family Belmount has been passed to another, a youth who possess in the new world both knowledge of the old ways of vampire slaying and the powerful technology of the modern era. His name is Lucian.

-Elsewhere the war has branched into the void as the Xorda set their sights on destroying Corneria, a highly advanced civilization of anthropomorphic animals. A direct assault is less artful then setting up a puppet despot and allowing the Cornerians to destroy themselves, so they provide alien technology to an ambitious researcher named Andross who is corrupted by his newfound authority to command the minds of others. The Galactic Council turns a blind eye and from his seat of supremacy on the prison planet of Venom the ape begins his subjugation of every planet in the system. Standing against him is the young son of an old rival; Fox McCloud and his untried by highly trained mercenary force Starfox. But while the drama plays out among the stars the team begins to wonder if other systems, other worlds may be under the threat of Xorda manipulation, and if they too might hold allies and other weapons to deal with those threats.

-His sheltered native land ravaged by invading armies of Norcs, a subservient race to his people who have taken the advantage of war's chaos to organize, a dragon cub named Spyro finds his quest to free his homeland from oppression to coincide with the other freedom fighters. Unlike many heroes he's more then willing to enlist a little help in finding the lost dragon sages, one of which is the mother of a dragon well known to the Knothole rebels: Dulcy.

-If troubles on the battlefield weren't enough, the still civilized mobian cities are plagued by corruption and crime. Ironically it's a roving band of gentlemen thieves that stand against the most powerful criminals, led by a mysterious raccoon rouge named Sly. He's more interested in obtaining his family's stolen property and escaping the dogged pursuit of agent Carmelita then any higher aspirations of glory or freedom, but if his world is put in danger he and his allies won't think twice but to strike from the shadows.

-The Xorda invasion was anticipated and several counter measures developed to deal with it. One of these was retrofitting an existing program for security super soldiers into a fighting force, and the greatest and last of these was number 117, more often known by the call sign Master Chief. Following the Xorda defeat he sacrificed himself to destroy once and for all their genocidal weapons called Halo, but now as new persecutors rise on earth his damaged starship reenters the atmosphere to crash into the ocean, and humanity's defender returns to stand against its latest foes as well as prepare the species for another inevitable assault by the Xorda he once called The Covenant.

-The Guardian Unit of Nations (G.U.N) is called by some a shining beacon of human order, by others an oppressive system of control. Regardless, no one argues its effectiveness and strength. The most elite operative of that team is a man few know the name of but many know by his codename: Solid Snake. Fox Hound, a renegade Special Forces group, has recently come into possession of the last of the world's nuclear arsenal and is rumored to have ties to the Robotnik alliance. Snake's mission to re-appropriate these weapons will lead him to consulting and even recruiting the native population in his fight with the worst creation to come from the minds of Wily and Robotnik combined, a machine of mass destructive capacity known as Metal Gear.

-Deep in Robotropolis a creature, nearly human-like in appearance but with long elfin ears, has been tortured for longer then he can remember, forced to endure experimentation by the good doctor and his associates using an unstable material called Dark Eco. However his cowardly but loyal friend, Daxter the ottsel, frees him from his prison and now reunited the two of them, Jak and Daxter, begin their own journey to recover the sources of eco power long forgotten in places of the world still untainted by evil's influence.

-The remnants of kingdoms from times long ago have risen to the surface now that mankind's influence has retreated. Great birds once ridden into battle by warriors and wizards long ago, the Chocobo species, now run in herds across the wild lands and monsters such as the elusive Cactuar and Moogle believed mythical flourish in the trackless forests, deserts, and plains. Likewise the remains of the human citadel Midgard which defied the balance of nature and was destroyed in times long past. Rumors persist that the heroes from those ancient times may yet survive.   

-In the same jungle Donkey Kong holds his court another mobian family lives in relative harmony, or at least did until a maniacal villain in a bid to impress the Robotnik alliance decided to make it his mission to make their lives miserable. This man, Neo Cortex, captures and torments one Crash to satisfy his own cruel ambitions of creating an army of mobian slaves, but Crash escapes before the mind control is implanted. As stands he is stronger then an average bandicoot, nearly as fast as Sonic in short bursts, and a little bit on the crazy side.

-Likewise with their residence in the woodlands, specifically Spiral Mountain, but their destinies branching over the whole of the world, an unlikely duo of bear and bird named Banjo and Kazooie respectively. Their personal nemesis is a witch of considerable evil magic but not too much intelligence named Gruntilda who similar to Neo Cortex longs to be in the big leagues with Ganon, Wily, Robotnik, and Bowser but feels she's too ugly to make the cut. The solution to this is to 'swap' beauty with Banjo's sister Tooty whom she has kidnapped and is preparing for the ritual; an elaborate ceremony which could take months but nonetheless has put our two heroes on her trail without delay. Unfortunately neither Banjo or his counterpart know anything about adventuring, and they may have to look to other more experienced heroes for mastering the skills needed to rescue her.

-Other characters of note…

-A trigger-happy mercenary jackrabbit with a code of honor named Jazz.

-Human mercenary and bionic commando Nathan Spencer.

-One of the few known Lombax aliens remaining named Ratchet (often mistaken for a mobian) who with his robot Clank search for a way to return to their dimension after a mishap with wormhole generator.

-A society of humans almost religiously devoted to the capture and dueling of creatures called Poke'mon.

-A human lawyer who is willing to support any case, mobian or otherwise, in pursuit of the truth named Phoenix Wright.

-The serene and efficient Time Sweeper named Blinx who has traveled to Earth to repair a number of flaws in the space-time continuum.

-A smarmy gecko mobian named Gex who peddles fully interactive artificial realities.

-A psychic human child with a significant role in the course of history named Ness.

-A being from another tier of the celestial heights who resembles a pink rounded blob but can mimic the powers of anyone by devouring them for a short time. His purpose and name is unknown, as he seems unable to speak except in squeaking sounds, but seems friendly to the cause of good.

-A mobian squirrel of foul demeanor but an undeniable knack for mischiefmaking named Conker, rumored to have personal relations with Death himself.

-The forces of Outland that have chosen this moment to challenge a team of warriors chosen from Earth's finest to compete in a tournament deciding the fate of Earth. Even evildoers may have to compete in this Mortal Kombat so that the deity Shao Khan won't gain a foothold in the realm.

-Another operative of G.U.N possessing the coveted 'fifth freedom' to perpetrate any action in the cause of mankind; a soldier named Sam Fischer and called a Splintercell.

-The reincarnated hero of a forgotten realm called Albion.

-A wandering scientist/resistance fighter of few words named Gordon Freeman, survivor of the incident that brought the Xorda to Earth in the first place.

-An opportunistic heiress who seeks out mystical artifacts from ages past for personal pleasure and profit named Laura Croft.

-The unpleasant very distant relation of Mario who has turned his own efforts to acquiring wealth at the expense of others, named Wario.

-Transposed warriors from another world called Azeroth who find allies on their new planet, as well as the distant battle with the Xorda (there known as The Xel-Naga) creation called Zerg that has led to the exodus of the noble race called Protoss and the battleready Terran forces, originally the criminal element sent by earth as shock troops and miners.

-Sarcastic demon slayer Dante who supposedly has the blood of a demonic rebel in his line.

-A super intelligent mobian dolphin named Ecco who fights for the freedom of the seas.

-The luckless but persistent human adventurer 'Pitfall' Harry.  

-The ninja clans of the high mountains that count the mobian iguana Espio in their ranks, but also trained the likes of the descendant of dragon ninja Ryu Hayabusa and the latest human warrior to take up the legendary name Shinobi.

-Medusa the goddess of evil Pit sets his will again, but also the demonic alliance of Diablo and his demonic brethren who were once banished long ago but are slowly returning to power. They are joined by an entity of storied mystery who is not necessarily evil but none the less terrifying, a being without a name and known by its appearance: Pyramid Head.
What if every character from every video game ever made existed in the same universe?
That's the question I tried to ask with Conclave.
Recently I was asked if I did crossovers so this is my answer to that. I do make crossovers, but only if they're ridiculously huge in scope :lol:
I've been asked a lot too if I could re-imagine Captain N: The Game Master, a similar idea which had all of Nintendo's game characters interacting. The problem with cross-overs to me though is that, like Captain N, they tend to have the characters just be shadows of their true selves and only show up for an episode or so. They have no histories, little personality, and just exist to make jokes about their games.
But what if Mario, Sonic, Link, Samus Arana, Ratchet and Clank, Master Chief, Spyro, Solid Snake, Jak and Daxter and all the rest DID have their well established personalities and histories, but they all found themselves fighting on the same side?
You could still poke fun at the series and characters but not at the expense of an ongoing narrative, of true characterization.
I co-opted the Sonic SATAM storyline because in it I saw the potential for all the other stories to come together. A lot of game characters are anthros, so they fit right in perfectly with the attack of the Xorda and the destruction and rebirth of the world. Robotnik is a dictator well versed at getting other evildoers to follow his lead so he makes a fine head villain and Sonic practically embodies the struggle for freedom so, although not the only main character, he does serve as a good starting point.
Imagine if Solid Snake enlisted the assistance of Jak and Daxter to storm Shadow Moses, or if Link and Laura Croft investigated an elemental temple. Imagine if Pit dueled Diablo in single combat, Master Chief took on Ridley or Sonic and Crash Bandicoot had a race?
Sure, its the stuff of fanfiction, but what if there was an entire cohesive universe in which every day was a crossover?
Hopeful for fans its an interesting dream. Maybe even this concept might inspire you to write up some ideas for how classic or modern characters would function in Conclave, or you may even make some tales of your own in the context!
Conclave Theme?: [link]
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LogiTeeka Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
While this is an interesting idea, I just have one question. Does this series serve to connect the franchises' universes, or does it all take place in its own separate reality; complete with differences from the original source material?

Personally, I'd choose the later due to the sheer differences between each series featured. I mean, casting characters and elements from more light-hearted series like "Super Mario Bros.", "Kirby", and "Banjo-Kazooie" isn't gonna mesh well with the darker series featured alongside them. But by having it all take place within a different universe, you're free to depict the characters/worlds however you want and tweak them around to match the darker tone of the overall series in general.

Of course, that's my opinion. I still like your idea (the LXG of video games), so keep up the good work.
jarredspekter Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
It could be a little like the Star Trek reboot, combining the universe and recreating it, but leaving the original alone too :)
LogiTeeka Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
While on the topic, where would you put Pac-man in this universe? Would he be like Luigi's comrade when dealing with ghosts or something? You can't have an epic video-game mashup without the "man" that started it all.
Gregory66613 Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
this is quite possibly the most EPIC thing ever created by anyone ever. Worlds Collide crossover? forget it. Marvel Vs. Capcom? forget it. Poker Night by Telltale? FORGET IT. this is awesome.

and the theme tune... MORE EPIC

while i'm not once to judge the characters, why include the 800 continuities of Final Fantasy? how would Silent Hill fit into this? what was the point of including Starcraft? what possible backstory could there be for Pitfall Harry except for jealous brother of Lara Croft? i guess you just looked at a certain IP, checked for any and all possible connections no matter how obscure, and threw it in there. in that case, the technology to build Rapture from BioShock was created by Robotnik, and because of parallel universe shenanigans, that also ropes in BioShock Infinite and it's infinite universes theory.

Maybe Kratos was cursed by the gods of the sky-kingdom where Pit comes from, and has to kill the God of War

Maybe Ness attends Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp, and is best friends with Raz.

Maybe there are some humans who are fighting another splinter group of the Xorda who developed Time Travel, calling themselves the Time Splitters.

Maybe in a ruined city across the globe, there are two travelling allies called Monkey and Trip, like in Enslaved, Odyssey to the West.

Maybe as a side-project to the Spartan warriors, they also created a genetically enhanced police officer to patrol the particularly troublesoem cities, alluding to Crackdown

Maybe there is an alternate universe where everything is Lego, bringing in the countless Lego games.

Maybe there is an alternate universe full of miniature plastic Army Men

Maybe, if Samus and Fox McCloud are bringing other planets into this, we can also have Dr. Who travelling with Professor Layton.

...maybe the Angry Video Game Nerd is their Jesus?

When i include BioShock Infinite, anything is possible. as Elizabeth said "it's a form of wish fulfillment"

P.S. i would highly recommend playing BioShock Infinite. it's like the best effing game of 2013.
thesoniczone11 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I like how it's like you took the Archie Sonic Continuity and merged all the other Video Game Franchises to fit.

also, in the comics, Albion is an Echidna (Knuckles species) City.
jarredspekter Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
There's a lot of potential ties out there for this kind of thing!
I like the video on Youtube which also claims that ties can be made to real life as well :lol:
thesoniczone11 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
thesoniczone11 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Espio's a Chameleon. And in the comics, the Shinobi Clan is composed entirely of Chameleons.
ryu238 Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012
You really should continue working on this.
jarredspekter Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
:) I was hoping this idea would be carried on by others too!
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