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November 6, 2012
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If I'm going to be happy about this then he'd better start doing what's necessary to bring this country back. Not just legislation about abortion or environmental levies.
The economy is in SHAMBLES.

And here's my major problems...

-At the moment the United States is no longer considered in terms of planetary statistics as being in the top twelve first world countries in terms of the economy, jobs, housing, resources, health of it's citizens, general happiness...anything.
This might seem like good enough to Obama, but it seems way less to me.

-Obama has no clear way to fix the problem of the national debt. His proposition to fill in the gap by taxing rich people more doesn't make up for the problem that he, provably more then any other president in history, uses more money then he has to buy things the country sees no benefit from. The Clean Energy companies he's invested in have either gotten into scandals or gone bankrupt. His stimulus plan made no notable increase in hirings, payment, or national wellbeing. This isn't just Right Wing propaganda, this is fact supported by the hard evidence of a continued depression.

-Payment for jobs has dropped because companies are starting to find it impossible to compensate employees and stay in business. According to Obama the solution to this make running businesses more expensive through regulations and still higher taxes? He's also a firm supporter of unions which leads to hiked minimum wages and free vacations and benefits. The money to make all this happen has to come from somewhere or, lo, the business collapses.
Ever wonder why there's so many long running businesses like Miramax and Poleroid filing for bankruptcy? Ever wonder why there's so many unsold houses and small businesses for lease?
Don't worry. Neither does the president.

-Obamacare, even in the official model on Obama's website, will bankrupt the country and fail in a few years time. What can prevent this? Billions of dollars paid by 'the rich'. But how many rich people do you imagine will be around if you drive businesses out of business? His plan is dependent upon people miraculously staying wealthy despite their businesses collapsing and their tax rates increasing.
How are companies supposed to pay for REQUIRED healthcare benefits?
Will the government fit the bill?
Then guess what this leads to. More debt.
And how long before we really do end up like Greece, when Germany decides United State's promises to pay their debt is so much talk?

So...what benefit do we get for having Obama back in office?

-Illegal immigrants can now come here basically at will.
-Abortion will likely be legalized and government funded.
-More funds will be diverted to clean energy companies.
-Taxes will raise on everybody.

So all that might sound fantastic, but how does that tie into the major difficulty of an ongoing depression? All of these 'benefits' involve fewer jobs and more government spending except for the taxes one and that seems increasingly silly as the debt mounts and the economy flounders.

We KNOW what his plan was.
It didn't work. It won't work unless somehow he produces billions of dollars from nowhere and maybe even The One is incapable of such things.

So call me a sore loser. I'm perfectly happy to have Obama in charge if he, you know, actually had a plan to fix the problems he made worse or created last time.

Tell me supporters: what is he going to do to make things better?

Or are things perfect now and I just don't see it?
Or does just having him in the chair mean he'll make things better...THIS time...?
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TheLazilyInspiredOne Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2014  Hobbyist
Remember the 2012 presidential debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney? Romney stated that Russia is and would be the main geopolitical foe to the United States.

Obama: "You said Russia. Not Al Qaida. You said Russia. The 1980's are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back because...the Cold War's been over for 20 years."

Romney: "Russia, I indicated, is a geopolitical foe…and I said in the same paragraph I said and Iran is the greatest national security threat we face. Russia does continue to battle us in the U.N. time and time again. I have clear eyes on this. I’m not going to wear rose-colored glasses when it comes to Russia or Mr. Putin…"

Meanwhile, Sarah Palin stated, "
After the Russian army invaded the nation of Georgia, Senator Obama's reaction was one of moral indecision and equivalence, the kind of response that would only encourage Russia's Putin to invade Ukraine next."

Lo and behold, Russian shock troops have mobilized in Ukraine's Crimea region. Thoughts?
QuincyAllain Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You can count me along with you, I don't really want to leave a huge comment of all the reasons I personally didn't vote for Obama (you mentioned most of them anyhow.) I will say this though since you didn't cover on it as much, ObamaCare is trash >.> not just economically but in many other ways as well. My mother and I both work in the medical profession and not only is ObamaCare not that effective with it's hidden clauses basically designed to exclude people over a certain age with certain conditions but it also causes more work for just about everyone in the medical profession (my mom is the head of her therapy department and they basically had to change every kind of procedure they have for the stupid thing) Not to mention that my older brother (who has cerebral palsy) doesn't have to be covered by it for about... hmmm... five or six more years. They can take away his other government provided help because he's getting Obamacare, but they don't have to give it to him for another few years. Meaning he isn't covered in that time period. He cannot care for himself. He cannot talk, walk, or even feed himself without most of the food going on the floor. And he's a bigger fellow, he would be quite tall if he could stand. Now he can't even get him in-home therapy anymore. So for anyone who supports this madman we have in office and who voted for him the first time, thanks. I appreciate that my brother can't even have his rightful care because some person who's never been touched by that kind if tragedy thought it would be ok to think up the worse medical related bill that's ever been passed.
Think before you vote guys.
thanks for making this journal, it speaks many things I would like to beat into people's skulls.
SammaCo Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
As someone that works for a large company, I'll put in my knowledge of Obamacare as the benefits department explained to the employees.

Companies are given the choice to "Pay or Play". If they play, they provide insurance to their employees- which of course is a rather large cost. Especially for a company that pays a large portion of the ins fees (self-funded insurance)...this is what my company does.
Now, "Pay" of course refers to paying increased taxes (but what could be less for the company than providing ins) and sending employees to deal with state funded programs which cover less and at a higher cost to the consumer. They estimated that for the average joe with no dependents it could mean an additional $3k out of their pay. And for someone with a family, upwards of $13k extra. These are not necessarily the "rich" mind you, I'm talking Middle-class. That's a lot of money.

Now for companies that give a damn about their employees, they're obviously going to hold on as long as they can. BUT if their competitors go towards the Pay option and prosper...well, they're going to start worry about making a profit and go the same route. Employees be damned.

Now, I do like some of the aspects... Such as the changes regarding pre-existing condition discrimination. Parents being able to cover their children through 26 (although, I thought there was something that went through prior to obamacare about that..)
However, the pro doesn't really outweigh the cons.

It was put that simply to me, so I thought I'd share that tidbit.
DragonEpic94 Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012
Well I guess we're just going to have to just face it and hope for a better couple of years if he's in office again
Tohokari-Steel Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012
Great. We've just re-elected a spineless moral-coward into the most powerful seat in the world. But I see some positives in this (call me a moronic optimist, but that's what I am):
-Republicans still hold Congress
-Paul Ryan still has his seat and might run for the Republican ticket next time
-This will energize the Tea Party further
-If the country collapses, I can say "Don't blame me, I voted for Romney"
tod309 Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012
Obama's tax increases aren't just hurting large businesses they're also hurting small businesses as well. And my sister may be affected by it. She works at a feed store here in town along 3 other people and her boss can barely afford to pay them all because of the taxes. Plus someone has been stealing money his bank account.

And aside from his unconstitutional Obamacare, wreckless spending, increased national debt, and tax increases Obama has gotten us into another illegal war when he got us involved in the Libyan Civil War. He also signed into law the National Defense Authority Act, which is basically the Patriot Act on steroids. He has refused to enforce our immigration laws and has attempted to sue Arizona for doing so on Mexico's behalf; which is a violation of the Constitution. And probably the biggest of them all is the Fast and Furious gun running scandal as Benghazi scandal.

But there is some good that came out of the Obama Administration: the states have begun to rediscover their long forgotten power to keep the federal government from incroaching on the rights of their citizens by nullifying federal laws that they deem unconstitution. For one thing several states have nullified Obamacare and the NDAA along with other federal regulatory acts and laws. It's also caused alot of people to consider voting for third party candidate instead of the traditional two-party system.
Kajm Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Just wait until the new EPA regs kick in, and the energy sector is eviscerated. Canada will be the most powerful nation on the North American continent.
jarredspekter Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
It's not right now? :lol:

I did find it painfully amusing he deliberately suspended the regulations so that he wouldn't look bad :O_o:
Kajm Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Oh he worked to hide a Lot of things, such as the announcement by Solyndra, that it was going to lay off all of its people shortly after oh!bummer! gave the company over $500 million... his entire administration was a large-scale reenactment of Enron, which was also a 'green' company.

When I got together with my then-girlfriend, we had to decide whether she was coming to the US, or I was going to Canada. Sorry to say, Canada is now (and likely, always was) the better place (if mostly due to the Lack of population). Now, I am thinking it is a good idea to get all of my finances Out of the US, even if I have to sneak them out a bit at a time over the next ten years.
TheDarkNeon Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
*sigh* you think we'll survive 4 more years of this so that we get someone COMPETENT to run things?
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